¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Research field of Yokoya Laboratory¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£

¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Computer Vision

Topics: stereo vision, depth map estimation, camera parameter estimation, omni-directional vision, structure from motion, 3-D reconstruction, image mosaicing

Camera parameter estimation based on GPS and vision Video mosaicing for curved surfaces 3-D reconstruction by moving video camera
Outdoor 3-D modeling by using 3-D active contour Camera parameter estimation based on landmark database Wareable Augmented Reality system using unvisible markers
Spatio-temporal super resolution for video images using depth maps Posture estimation for working human using real-time depth image sensor


¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Human interface

Topics: User interface, wareable augmented reality”¤telepresence

Support system for controlling an airship based on MR Projector based AR guiding system Annotation overlay on dynamic user of wareable computers with shared annotation database
>Localization of walking and running user with wareable 3-D position sensor Authoring of Location-based Information Interactive 3-D modeling system
Construction of geographical database for photo captioning
based on shooting position and direction
Sightseeing spot video browsing system using geographical database based on shooting position and direction


¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Computer graphics

Topics: Real-time rendering, novel-viewpoint generation, Virtualized reality

Dense estimation of surface reflectance properties Realtime shadow rendering Photometric registration by adaptive high dynamic range image for AR
Fast rendering of reflections in non-uniform surfaces using a multi-scale environment map Photometric Registration Based on Defocus and Motion Blur Estimation for AR Novel view generation from omni-directionl videos

¢£¢£¢£¢£¢£ Mixed field of above research field

Topics: Telepresence, Augmented reality, Mixed reality, Diminished Reality, Image inpainting

Video presentation using multiple PTZ cameras in child-care facility Telepresence system for omni-directional camera Panolama video generation from omni-directional multi-camera system
3-D video generation from omni-directional image sequences Image inpainting using similarity measures Generation of omni-directional video sequence without invisible parts using inpainting techniques
3-D modeling of outdoor environments using omni-directional laser range finder 3-D surface inpainting using similarity of local surfaces Omni-directional novel view generation using multiple omni-directional depthmaps