Marr Prize & Honorable Mentions
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Best Paper: Chaitanya Desai, Deva Ramanan and Charless Fowlkes: "Discriminative Models for Multi-class Object Layout"

Honorable Mention: Ahmed Kirmani, Tyler Hutchison, James Davis and Ramesh Raskar: "Looking Around the Corner Using Transient Imaging"

The Marr Prize, awarded to the best paper(s) at ICCV, is the top honor in computer vision.

Selection Process: Every Area Chair pair (20 pairs in total) recommends one paper from papers in its area. The Program Chairs, together with a comittee of senior researchers, select the award winner among the candidates.

Azriel Rosenfeld Life Time Achievement Award
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Awardee: Berthold Klaus Paul Horn [HP]

The Azriel Rosenfeld Life Time Achievement Award was established at ICCV 2007 in Rio de Janeiro to honor outstanding researchers who are recognized as making significant contributions to the field of Computer Vision over longtime careers. The first winner of this award in 2007 was Professor Takeo Kanade. The second presentation of this prestigious award will take place in Kyoto at ICCV 2009. We plan to continue presenting the award at future ICCVs.

Selection Process: The Nomination Committee, consisting of the General and Program Chairs of the past ICCVs, recommends several candidates for this award. The Selection Committee, which is independent of the Nomination Committee, selects the award winner among the candidates. All committee members who are personally connected with the candidates, such as close friends and former students of these candidates, are excluded from the selection process.

Computer Vision Significant Researcher Award
Sponsored by Siemens

Awardee: Andrew Blake [HP]

The Computer Vision Significant Researcher Award established at ICCV 2007 to recognizes individual researchers whose work has had a significant impact and following in Computer Vision and related fields. The first winner of this award was Professor Demetri Terzopoulos.

Selection Process: A Nomination Committee will consider all outstanding researchers who are active in the ICCV community for this mid-career achievement award in Computer Vision. It will put forward a short list of nominees to an independent Selection Committee that will select from among them the CVSR Award recipient to be honored at the ICCV Awards Ceremony.

Test-of-Time Award

Awardee: Yehezkel Lamdan and Haim J. Wolfson: "Geometric Hashing: A General and Efficient Model-Based Recognition Scheme", ICCV1988

The Test-of-Time Award honors the paper that has had a notably significant following and impact in Computer Vision and related fields. For ICCV 2009, the winner will be selected from among the papers published in the proceedings of the second ICCV in 1988.

Selection Process: Several outstanding papers that were presented at the second ICCV in 1988 in Florida and have been cited in a large number of succeeding papers have been nominated for this award. The Selection Committee selects the award winner among them by considering the number of times the paper has been cited and also its individual impact on its field and its contribution to that field.

Outstanding Reviewers Award

Awardees (in alphabetical order): Manmohan Chandraker, Yasutaka Furukawa, Leo Grady, Sam Hasinoff, Derek Hoiem, Gang Hua, Nazli Ikizler, Fredrick Kahl, Iasonas Kokkinnos, Bastian Leibe, Anat Levin, Dahua Lin, Greg Mori, Stefan Roth, Yoav Schechner, Konrad Schindler, Stan Sclaroff, Kevin Smith, Erik Sudderth, Carlo Tomasi, Nuno Vasconcelos, Rene Vidal, Tomas Werner