For any questions on the submission, please contact the program chairs <iccv09 at cs.cmu.edu> .

Note: Listed newer to older.

Q8: [May 20] Is it possible to extend the rebuttal deadline?
A8: [May 20] No. The May 24th deadline is strict.
Q7: [May 20] How long can I write my rebuttal?
A7: [May 20] The limit is 3500 characters for the rebuttal.
Q6: [May 20] How can I submit my rebuttal?
A6: [May 20] Use your author's login and password to access the reviews on your author's page.
Q5: [May 20] Can I submit additional materials with my rebuttal?
A5: [May 20] No. The rebuttal must be self-contained in the 3500 chars limit. You cannot include attachments, such as PDF files.
Q4: [Feb 28] Can I change the abstract and title after the registration deadline?
A4: [Feb 28] Yes, but the registered abstract and title should match reasonably the ones in the submitted PDF. We allow editing of the title to account for last minute adjustments to the paper before submission, not to submit a completely different paper on a different subject with different authors.
Q3: [Feb 28] I am not an IEEE member but one of my co-author is. Does it matter who registers on http://iccv.ri.cmu.edu/iccv09/author/ in order to receive the IEEE discount?
A3: [Feb 28] No. The paper registration and conference registration are handled completely separately. The Program Committee does not handle matters related to registration fees. The IEEE discount applies to the person registering to attend the conference, irrespective of which author registered the paper originally.
Q2: [Feb 28] What should be the length of the abstract submitted with the paper registration?
A2: [Feb 28] The abstract should be no longer than the typical abstract that would be included in a published paper. Note that the submitted PDF is the document that is used for review. The abstract that you submit now is used for various PC operations, but material in the submitted PDF is what will be reviewed.
Q1: [Feb 28] What is the difference between student papers and the other papers?
A1: [Feb 28] Student papers are defined as those for which the primary author is a student and the work was conducted and conceived by the student.